quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

Chamada para a apresentação de trabalhos - Society for Social Studies of Science - Buenos Aires, 20 a 23 de Agosto de 2014. Prazos e maiores informações no link:

Mesa dedicada ao tema da antropologia da ciência:

20. The ethnographical approaches and the social studies of science and technology
Organizers: Adriana Stagnaro (UBA), Rafael Antunes Almeida (UnB-LACT)
Language: E/S/P
Starting with the assumption that the ethnographical fieldwork was always a source of theoretical renewal, we propose an open panel as a place for analysis and consideration on the exchanges between the ethnographical approaches on science and technology and the social studies of science and technology. These exchanges caught the effort for familiarization of both fields, by the identification of points of agreement and disagreement. The main objective of this panel is to deepen the critical and accurate analysis of the distinct types of exchange between these two domains of knowledge production, aiming to exploit the possibility of the creation of a serious collaborative space, where the researchers can share their interest in the studies of the practices through intersections of science, technology, innovation, politics and the ethics in the contemporary world. Among the areas of intersection, we list the different approaches these distinct fields of knowledge adopt towards topics such as fieldwork, the relationship between science and traditional knowledge, the issue of non-humans and also on the theme of "a object-oriented anthropologies". Other spheres of contact are the relations between the "ontological turn" in social studies of science and technology and the works in anthropology that address the issue of "ontological politics", as well as the pragmatic enactments of notions of agency, materiality, objects and power. We expect that the creation of this context for discussion enlivens and favors a more substantive critical analysis of the shared “conceptual economy”.We call for papers that address the presented theme, unfolding the agreements and disagreements found in the conceptual or methodological dimensions.

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